Deferred Compensation

Investment performance constantly changes as new investment options emerge and current options fail to meet performance standards or are no longer competitive with alternative funds. As consultants, we view our roles as educators, advocates and advisors with a keen focus on serving each of our clients in ways that best address their unique needs.

One of the greatest services that an effective consultant can provide clients is the ability to understand and perform their fiduciary responsibilities with regard to the monitoring and evaluation of existing funds and providing constant due diligence in replacing under-performing funds. SST relies on state of the art IT, both proprietary and in conjunction with MorningstarĀ® to monitor overall investment performance, to evaluate the underlying portfolio manager style and to examine the selection of new investment options where appropriate. The same approach is used for comprehensive fund reviews and quarterly investment earnings reports. In addition to the analytics provided by Morningstar, SST consultants evaluate and report on the stewardship and management of individual funds.

Our consultants work with Clients to formulate the most efficient processes to guide their investment plans, to shape the Investment Policy Statement and to educate plan participants. We conduct thorough reviews of current plan offerings to ensure fiduciary responsibilities are met and that the investment plans are on track to meet stated goals. Our work plan and technical approach are designed to encompass the key steps necessary to create a solid foundation and partnership that produces meaningful results.

Our longevity, culture, philosophy and educational approach distinguishes SST in the marketplace. Our comprehensive approach to consulting differentiates us from other firms in terms of our processes, our priorities, and ultimately our ability to serve our clients.