Our consulting practice includes services for:

• 403(b) Tax Sheltered Account plans,

• 457(b) Deferred Compensation,

• 401(a) Defined Contribution and

• 401(k) Cash or Deferred Arrangement plans.


We also provide consulting services for post-employment health savings accounts utilizing Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) and public sector Integral Part Trusts (§115). Additionally, SST Consultants provide:

• Comprehensive Periodic Retirement Investment Fund Reviews and Analysis

• Plan Cost Analysis, Portfolio Composition Analysis, Asset Allocation Analysis

• Investment Manager Assessments

• Investment Policy Statement Reviews and Revisions when necessary

• Investment Option Transition Services

• Legislative Education regarding Federal and State actions

• Plan Participant and Committee Member Education

• Quarterly Newsletter outlining the impact of legislative changes

• 457 University / Defined Contribution University – comprehensive educational seminars covering the legal and legislative requirements, changing fiduciary responsibilities and “best practices” employer strategies


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