Image SST consultants are nationally recognized speakers, educators and writers specializing in legislative topics and their impact on public employer retirement plans. We proactively pursue information regarding legal and legislative issues thorough memberships with the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP). Bill Tugaw and Paul Hackleman co-authored two books that relate to industry trends and legislative developments: • Deferred Compensation / Defined Contribution: New Rules / New Game for Public and Private Plans published in 2001, and • Defined Contribution Decisions: The Education Challenge published in 2004. SST also issues a quarterly e-newsletter, News & Views, which covers legislative issues on the Federal and State levels. The Newsletter is posted on our website and sent via email in PDF format to our clients. Additionally, in each Committee meeting, our consultants provide a complete legislative update with commentary relevant to each client’s plan. Our consulting team believes that it is a duty and a privilege to assist and educate plan sponsors with regard to their oversight responsibilities for defined contribution plans, as well as other deferred compensation plans, including 403(b) and 457(b) plans. Education starts with our 457 University and Defined Contribution University seminars which are described in detail below. These informative workshops clarify the foundation of plan due diligence and educate decision makers on the practical application of fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

STAKEHOLDER AND PARTICIPANT EDUCATION / ON-SITE TRAINING The management of deferred compensation / defined contribution plans has changed significantly during the past decade. With these changes have come unprecedented new responsibilities for decision-makers. Responding to the needs of our clients in this dynamic marketplace, SST began offering comprehensive training programs in 1999. SST Consultants Barbara Healy, Bill Tugaw, Scott Dauenhauer, Chuck Sklader and Paul Hackleman are the trainers of DC University and 457 University educational workshops intended for decision-making and administrative personnel. DC University is designed for employers who offer multiple defined contribution plans and 457 University for those employers who offer 457 Plan benefits only. Both workshops are continuously updated to reflect and summarize new legal and legislative requirements, changing fiduciary responsibilities and “best practices” employer strategies. Participants in these sessions have included policy-makers, senior and mid-level managers, legal counsel and support staff. Using a flexible format, we offer these programs on-site half-day, full-day or, using a train-the-trainer program, our consultants empower District personnel to update new Defined Contribution decision makers and stakeholders. In recent years we have added “Mutual Fund 101” to Defined Contribution University in an effort to keep plan decision-makers and staff up-to-date with investment terminology and have prepared separate seminars to instruct plans with more in depth information on investments and risk. We also provide training on how to read Morningstar reports and where to find specific fund related information as well as the impact of that information. These educational sessions are offered independent of consulting services, however, we strongly encourage their customized inclusion in the menu of services we provide to clients.